Easily Create Professional Virtual Tours with our Amazing Script and Narration Programs

Easily Create Professional Virtual Tours with our Amazing Script and Narration Programs

Easily Create Professional Virtual Tours with our Amazing Script and Narration Programs

Imagemaker360 specializes in fully scripting and narrating your Real Estate Virtual Tours. Impress your clients with a proven marketing tool that we have been producing since 2003! For both programs, the narrated still photo virtual tour we create from your images, and for the narration we create and add to your existing full-motion video tour, the setup is fast and easy.

Program 1

Narrated Photo TourCost
8 Narrated Photos (70 seconds) with Unlimited Additional Images$79.95
Extra Narrated Photo (8 Seconds)$8.00

This tour includes a tour of 8 images or more featuring purposefully directed camera movements (zooms, tilts, pans), a professionally written and carefully timed script providing real-time salesmanship for on-line viewers, narration provided by one of our broadcast-quality voice talents, two humanboth a branded and unbranded (IDX) virtual tour, an HD video file of the tour, a means to have us create a YouTube video on your YouTube account, and unlimited additional images (with background music) for consumers to explore once the narration has captured their further interest. Imagemaker360 is one of the few companies approved to embed tours in the Realtor.ca listing page, where the tour replaces the still image, and our tours are the ONLY narrated tours seen in this way... an amazing advantage for you when your tours are showcased in this way.


Program 2

Add Narration to your Existing Video Tour Cost
Up to 90 Seconds$89.95
Up to 3 Minutes$105.95
Up to 5 Minutes$159.95
Up to 7 Minutes$219.95

Your script will be carefully crafted by one of our professional, full-time writers, each a life-long resident of either Canada or the United States, and all of whom have scripted literally thousands of real estate tours. The writer, working with only the information you provide endeavors to keep the narration as closely synced to the visuals as the notes and image-flow of the video will allow.

We will return the narrated version of the tour to you as an HD video file which you can post online as you please. We will also ask if you wish to have the tour added to YouTube account, and will do so upon request. The volume, depth, and degree of detail in your notes will make all the difference in the quality and persuasive energy of your script, and of the showings it generates.


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